Diagnostic Imaging

At Sante Fe Pet Hospital, we are equipped with diagnostic equipment to provide immediate blood results and other rapid diagnostic screenings. These speedy test results allow us to begin any necessary treatments and procedures as quickly as possible.

Digital Radiography

Properly positioned, detailed images are essential in giving our doctors the information needed to accurately interpret x-rays of your pets. Our well-trained and experienced technicians take high-speed digital x-rays which give us the information we need in just minutes. When indicated, radiographs can be emailed for review and consultation with a board-certified radiologist giving us an expert second opinion – the same day in most cases.

In-House Laboratory

Our advanced lab allows us to test blood, urine and other samples – accurately and within minutes. When your pet is sick, time is critical. A rapid diagnosis allows treatment to begin as soon as possible, improving your pet’s chances for a good outcome and saving you time and expense. Complex testing is sent to an outside reference lab and, depending on the test, results are often available within 24 hours.